Pad Ka Paw [팟카파우]

"25 years experience of cooking in one plate"

- 서울 용산구 신흥로 95-21, 1층

Passion, Fire, Taste. For many individuals, when someone said "Thai food" - they usually think : Pad Thai, Tom Yam Goong, and all those spicy, yet sour taste feelings as soon as it starts mixed inside our mouth. But for Paw, the owner, Thai cuisine is more than just a food. It is a culmination of over 25 years of his life. All served in one plate.

"Let the food tell the truth", said Paw, as he served a warm Thai fried rice

"Hey man, how many times you tried authentic Thai food?"

He went straight to the kitchen, stirred the huge black pan, pouring cooking oil, and turned on the heat.

For many individuals, cuisine is merely a profession—a means of living that easily takes on the monotony of work like all else. Pad Ka Paw, on the other hand, is more than just another restaurant on the block. To him, it is the culmination of over 25 years of his experience and passion in the culinary field. From the streets of Bangkok to now in the present-day alleyways of a newly emerging Haebangchon, the restaurant tries its best to transcend the Koreanized palate that most Southeast Asian cuisine caters to in today’s Seoul food scene. It is not only the authenticity of Thai cuisine exported to Pad Ka Paw’s many guests but more importantly each plate he serves embodies both his love of the art as well as his passion for how fresh ingredients and spices can coalesce into a memorable gastronomic experience for those who try it.

"In order to cook rice, you need to make sure it stays cold before cooking, any Asian should know this secret", Paw began increased the intensity of fire and stirred the pan faster.

Pad Ka Paw have a constant extra rice in the refrigerator and that's what he tries to serve on the app.

As he finished the Thai fried rice, he explained to me - that he loves Seoul and Bangkok more than anyone. Bangkok serves rich, sour, food flavors - while Seoul has a clean, sometimes saltier ones.“Food is love and cooking is my passion, I wish I can show these to all Pad Ka Paw's customers as soon as their feet enter the front door".

“Again to you, and all customers after you. Sawadeekap. Let me entice you with the warmth of Bangkok cuisine"

"Restaurant is all about their food, let the food talks, and see customers grow by their own"

These foods are made from surplus ingredients inside the kitchen or mistake orders. Try a bite inside the app :

Here is location of Pad Ka Paw :

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