Nai Paw [나이파우]

"The sister store of Pad Ka Paw finally here"

- 서울 용산구 신흥로 97-6 2층

Where should I go to after climbing the hill of Hebangcheon area, and wanted to have some warm soup? Of so many options available in this busy restaurant street, probably you need to take a look of this 6-tables only store inside a humble Sinheung market. All of the corners, walls, of this store equipped with Thai-only accessories. Believe us, it always packed with customers.

ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ, or Beef Noodles; consist of Ban pho, minced beef, and warm soup broth

A warm broth of beef, mixed evenly with Thai noodle, and sprinkled with little bit of onion leaves.

Num, the brother of Paw - owner of Pad Ka Paw, rolled his sleeves and stir the noodle in front of me.

Located just in the humble corner at second floor of Sinheung Market (신흥 시장), Num, greet me with excitement. He knows every customer is valuable and that's what he serves daily at Nai Paw. The interior design of Nai Paw combines traditional look of Thai street food and typical Seoul 노점상 (street vendor). If we look at their store walls, they hanged Thai royal family pictures, complete-set with Buddhist monochrome picture. "Why only 6 tables?", I asked him.

"Well,,,by having 6 tables I know for sure every customers here, I able to handle them, asked what they need, what are missing from the food ; for quality control purposes", Num replied.

“Also, the reason we are located at second floor is because I don't want to see the people queuing up outside the restaurant. I wanted to have full focus on what I cook, and what I serve to my customer", He added.

"Even though we are a sister restaurant of Pad Ka Paw, we always serves the best food. We are second to none"

These foods are made from surplus ingredients inside the kitchen or mistake orders. Try a bite inside the app :

Here is location of Nai Paw :

조회 118회
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