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"More than just Moroccan offerings"

- 서울 용산구 이태원로27가길 43

Located just in the busy yet humble corner of Itaewon street, right behind the Itaewon Station exit 1. If we go all the way to second floor, this restaurant packed with varieties of people and tourists. In 2014, the owner of Marrakech, Mustafa and Fatimah embarked in a journey of serving Moroccan delicacies to the Korean people.

Moroccan Ambassador is the frequent customer of this restaurant.

Mustafa, the owner of Marrakech, plating the menu

And I am fortunate enough to be introduced to their kitchen.

Just for your information, as a short history of city of Marrakesh, it is a fourth largest city in Morocco – right after Casablanca, Fez, and Tangier. Like many Moroccan cities, Marrakesh comprises an old fortified city packed with vendors and their stalls. Today Marrakesh serves as one of the busiest cities in Africa. It serves as major tourist and economic center

destination. The main dishes that always associates any Moroccan cuisines are tagine and couscous. You will never see these served together, since couscous usually being eaten during Friday as celebration with Friday prayer.

While tagine is variety of vegetables and meats which slow-cooked in a clay pot. You need a special technique to master the taste of tagine.

And these are the dishes that Marrakech Restaurant having problem with.

As Mustafa slowly going up to their fourth floor, the kitchen, he explains that Marrakech sometimes deals with overstock and mistake orders of couscous, sandwich, and vegetables. Slowly but sure, he began to stir the pan, flip it up while the scent of onion, pepper, and fried eggplant begins to fill up the room.

“I myself, have already cooked Moroccan food for the past 15 years. And I can’t thankful enough to my wife, Fatimah which patiently cook and teach me along the way”, as he plated the Beef Sandwich.

“…Anyone who enters the front door of Marrakech, welcome to Morocco”, he added.

We serve 100% Moroccan style cuisines, we wanted to bring the warmth of Marrakech city to people of Seoul

These foods are made from surplus ingredients inside the kitchen or mistake orders. Try a bite inside the app :

Here is location of Marrakech Restaurant

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