IMPORTANT! 6 Ways You Can Do to Reduce Food Waste!

Food waste is bad :( Here are several ways you can reduce them!

Based on the 2017 Food Sustainability Index released by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), there are almost 1 billion people suffering from hunger, but one third of food is lost or wasted. Food waste corresponds to four times the amount needed to feed people suffering from malnutrition worldwide.

Though food loss & waste is an important issue that is now a concern of countries in the world because it can affect the level of food security of a country as well as an impact on the equitable distribution of people's welfare.

To help the public in understanding further what is meant by 'food loss' and 'food waste', Expert explained that food loss is food that is lost before it reaches consumers (losses that occur during food) in the processing and / or distribution stages), while food waste is a loss that occurs at the consumption stage.

"According to data from FAO, around 1.3 trillion tons of food is lost every year around the world with details: loss rate at 10% production, loss at post-harvest processing & distribution reaches 7%, loss during processing at 1%, loss at marketing 6%, and loss when the consumption phase reaches 9%, "Arief said when met at the Mylanta Wise Eating Campaign, in the City of Kasablanka, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/15).

Annisa Paramitha from Waste4Change, an organization engaged in the environmental sector, said that Indonesian consumers are faced with an abundance of food choices, but not all of these choices are good or healthy food for consumption. When 40% of Indonesians are declared malnourished, another 10% are obese (overweight).

By reducing food waste, in addition to being able to overcome the food crisis, we can also reduce its impact on environmental damage such as reducing methane gas levels.

"One solution to reduce the number of food loss & waste in Indonesia is to encourage people to eat wisely or not excessively. Therefore, we really appreciate the initiative step undertaken by Mylanta® by launching the 'Eat Wisely' campaign towards the month of Ramadan, where the level of community consumerism tends to increase, "Annisa explained.

Looking at the food waste problem, we must also take concrete steps to contribute in reducing the level of food loss & waste in Indonesia, following his review:

  1. Reduce consumption of instant foods that are not good for health And switch to eating locally produced foods (fresher, healthier).

  2. Plan carefully before buying (buy what is needed - don't be tempted to buy food that is not good for consumption).

  3. Cook food ingredients in the appropriate amount and try not to leave food.

  4. Store food well so that it can be consumed for a longer period of time.

  5. Process food that you cannot eat.

  6. In addition, the restaurant manager should also start implementing a fine system if the buyer leaves food.

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