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About 1/5 of all food produced in Korea is wasted. It is estimated that about 2,000 tons of perfectly untouched food are thrown away daily. We are changing that irony.

DamoGO is the project that fixing the dent on this BIG problem

The food industry deals a heavy blow to the environment. From the enormous resources needed for production and distribution, all the way affecting CO2 emissions from waste in landfills. It's time to make a difference and DamoGO is here.

Damogo's ultimate mission is to become the forefront in Asia to reduce food waste in less than 10 years. We wanted to move toward a more sustainable society with the belief that we are stronger together. We are a swift, dynamic, rapid team. Join us to take small steps to solve this problem!

DamoGO팀은 종로타워에서 행사 중 - 6월 2019

DamoGO팀은 HeyGround에서 행사 중 - 6월 2019

All Win-Win Solution!

DamoGO is a startup company in South Korea that was established in Seoul on August 2018. Our app connects surplus food from restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores to be rescued at discounted prices. As a result, users can get great food at a low cost and businesses can receive additional revenue streams while reducing waste.

Although DamoGO has only been in service for 2 months, we have been operating with partners in 65 stores and has mobilized several charities, homeless shelters and organizations. We rescued over 10,000 food items. Check out the links below of our press kit and achievements!

Who are we?

Ashoka Changemakers Asia 2019. Engineering of Korea University. Loves Chicken

Minerva Student, currently in Seoul! Loves Lamb Biryani

Lin Hwang 

Co-founder & CEO

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13+ years experience in F&B Sector. Founder of Halal Guys Korea Group. Loves Pizza and Popcorn

Anastasia Tokarr


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Minerva Student, currently in Seoul! Loves Tuna Sashimi with Daikon and Ginger


Co-founder & COO

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Ashoka Changemakers Asia 2019. Engineering of Korea University. Loves Chicken

 Korede Akande


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Kim Juan

Head of Sales

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5+ years experience in B2B and B2C Sales. Founder of READ Startup. Loves Soju

Haitham Alhad


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Kim Ilya

Software Dev

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2+ years experience in Software Dev. Ex-eSport Counter Strike Athlete. Loves Beef

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서울특별시 용산구 서울글로벌창업센터 Chicago Room 3F

대표이사: 황수린

사업자번호 : 880-87-01177 


E : cs@damogo.co.kr

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