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Event Collaboration

We run many events. From food festivals, food rescue, surplus food donations, and inventory management. There are many ways we can work together. Feel free to contact and collaborate!

Volunteer Program

Not only does our team makes profits, we also run a volunteer programs : we go directly to events and organizations to rescue their extra food and donate to homeless shelters! 

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Food stores (such as restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, coffee shops, food retailers, etc.) often dispose food in good condition just because it was too much on the day. DamoGO is a service that can solve this problem. Upload the food, your new customer will come and voila! You start protecting the environment.

Are the food safe?

Of course :) All products sold through our app are fresh. They're on the verge of being thrown away just because they weren't sold during the day or before their expiration dates.

What food that users can get?

Existing menu, staff menu from fresh food ingredients, today's only menu, etc. Of course, all menus are being uploaded with minimum 50% off!

You can cancel and get refunded within 20 minutes of purchase. Please contact our customer team for cancellation and refund. However, you can't cancel or refund after 20 minutes of payment.

Can I only see the active stores?

Go to the filter on the store list in first screen. Afterwards, change the settings so that only available items (store) can be viewed.

Can someone pick up my food?

Of course! Send 'em the QR code, and let them pick up the food for you! You can send our team your purchased food as well lmao


Upload your surplus food with us : increase your sales, reach new customers, and drive sustainable branding!

*no obligations, hassle free

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질문이나 문의 사항이 있으면 여기로 보내 주십시오.

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